Acknowledged me in the skin and hair I own (Love me as you see me)

For this body of work, I focused on woman of color (Haitian, African-American, African descents and so on.) Due to society, some of us hate our own very skin and hair because it was planted in our thoughts and mind that we are not enough, beautiful, or handsome. Some of us create a fault identify by bleaching our skin or permed our hair to cover our natural beauty. We tend to lose our self-identify which led us to forget about our own culture. Time is up, we are now will forever be natural in our own skin and hair. 

These series came to mind when I realized that woman of color start to embrace their natural beauty. While others have not yet crossed the path to come to this realization of how powerful it is to love self. It saddens me that some woman of color married outside their race just so they can avoid having children that won't look like them. We are supposed to lift our children, teach them how to love themselves and that is exactly what these series are all about, reminding ourselves that we must love ourselves so we can continue to pass it on to the next generation positively. 

In general, my mission as a photographer is to continue to shed more lights on topics that is hardly talked about among women and men of color. These topics shouldn't be avoided for the sake of the upcoming generations. My goals are focused on cultures, differences and similarities, though somehow we are all connected one way or another.